7 Must Haves for Doing Yoga At Home

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Doing yoga at home is awesome because your practice is fully customizable. You’re never just at the mercy of your teacher because you can always change classes and even instructors to suit your mood. The same goes for your yoga gear. You don’t “need” anything to do yoga at home– as long as you can breathe, you can do yoga. But once you start taking your practice more seriously, it’s fun to deck out your home yoga space so you have all the tools you could want to make your practice as comfortable as possible. Before we dive in, I want to remind you that the only thing you truly “need” when doing yoga (especially if you’re just starting out) is an open mind and a cheap yoga mat which you could get at any box store for about $20-$25. All the recommendations I’m making below are strictly “IFs”, as in, IF you want to and are ready, these are great options for their respective categories. So, with that said, here’s everything in my personal yoga corner right now. I’ve been using all of these props and products for years and can vouch for the quality of everything. Enjoy! 🙂 Node Fitness Organic Cotton Meditation Cushion, $25This felt frivolous at first but honestly, it’s been sooo useful! I love it for meditation because it makes sitting upright so much more comfortable when meditating. I also used it a lot while I was pregnant! It keeps your pelvis neutral while also keeping your low back comfortable and your hips relaxed. It’s also not too soft and not too firm– it’s the perfect meditation pillow! Jade Harmony Yoga Mat, $80It’s no secret that I love my old Manduka Black Mat Pro, but after having and using and loving it for over 12 years, I’ve found the best contender yet is the Jade Harmony. Now brace yourself for what I’m about to say (I can’t believe it, haha): if you’re in need of a NEW yoga mat, get the Jade Harmony. It’s perfect on first use (the new Mandukas can take a few years to break in, apparently), it’s made of all natural non-toxic materials, comes in a huge array of colors, isn’t too heavy (though they have lighter travel options too), and seems to age well. If the Jade Harmony mat I have wasn’t a light pink, it’d be my main mat. It was gifted to me and the light colors look so dirty so quickly, so the next time I buy one, I’ll definitely get a dark color. Manduka High Density Foam Block, $14I’ve yet to find better blocks than the Manduka foam blocks! The cheap Gaiam ones or other brands you find in TJ Maxx or Target DO NOT compare. These are the best yoga blocks out there. They’re just the right amount of firmness. They’re super dense so they’re solid and NOT squishy, but not as rock hard as wood or even cork blocks. I also like that these have some weight to them. They’re a bit pricey for yoga blocks, but they hold up really well to sweat and use. I use mine heavily and they’re still like new. Manduka 8′ Yoga Strap, $16A good yoga strap should be thick, sturdy, NOT stretchy, and longer than you think it needs to be. When I first got this one, I thought 8 feet would be ridiculous, but no– it’s great to have the extra length. This Manduka yoga strap fits the bill perfectly. A towel from home does the trick just fine, but once you’re ready to purchase a proper yoga strap, don’t skimp on a skinny one from a discount store– get a good one and it’ll last forever! …as with most things, though, right? 13″ Yoga Wheel, $22A yoga wheel isn’t essential, in my opinion, but I think it’s a fun prop to have around if you have the space for it. It’s one of those things I don’t use often, but occasionally it’s a fun alternative to a block and a cool “toy” to have around when I want to try something new… like one of those funky yoga poses that pop up on Instagram. Foam Roller, $34We have a different brand but it’s exactly like this. I’d say this type of foam roller is great for someone who wants something with a little more “oomph” than one of the softer, totally smooth ones, but not quite ready for one with all the bumps and pyramids on it! I love this one for its size and it feels amaaaazing to roll our your back. Highly recommend it! Prop Storage Baskets, $27I lllllove these! They’re super sturdy but still chic and one of my favorite purchases this year. That’s a ridiculous thing to say, but seriously!! I love organization and in a city apartment, it’s ESSENTIAL to be organized! I use one of these to store all my yoga props and small dumbbells, and I have a couple more of different styles for Theo’s toys (random but way nicer looking than a kids’ style toy box). I keep all my yoga stuff and weights in my living room (!!!) but I hate clutter. So I love that this keeps everything hidden out of sight but in a sleek way and also keeps it accessible for when I want to practice or workout. Mat Cleaner: FREEI got a few requests for mat cleaner recommendations, but I don’t use any! When I clean my mat I just use water and occasionally water mixed with a little white vinegar. You don’t need anything fancy or complicated. I’ve heard some people wash it in their bathtub or shower and then hang it outside to dry if you really need to give it a good scrub down, but you can usually just wipe it down with stuff you already have at home and it’s good to go! A note about clothing: Notice I didn’t make any specific recommendations for clothing… you should […]

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