Feb 26 2009

Looking Farther (9) – An Ongoing Hoax

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Guess what the above is. Right you are! Congratulations, you can read!

But is it really? Seems to me it could be pvc pipes painted all fancy on some red clay on a Hollywood set. Heck, if the whole moon thing was faked, how is a person to believe we’ve sent a massive, metallic Tinker-Toy to Mars? That is a 36 million mile road trip, without a road.

But what if this whole NASA space exploration thing is one giant hoax, dreamed up to get a specific class of people to believe in the power of Hollywood hoaxes? The devious plan — to make them think something is a hoax that isn’t. What a brilliant hoax that is!

By the way, the class of people who believe the moon landing was a hoax pulled off and covered up by a massive conspiracy could be described this way: these are people who tend to think that their shadow is following them. On purpose. You can’t trust those shadows.

[pic thanks to NASA]

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