Jul 26 2009

The 40th Humanist Symposium: A Bouquet of Bloggers

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Welcome to the 40th edition of the Humanist Symposium!

As a group, humanists recognize, respect, and even celebrate human diversity.  Individually, we reflect a noteworthy degree of diversity.  Our differences consist not only of demographic-type characteristics, and in how we think and write about typical humanist concerns, but also in our differing passions and abilities.  Besides checking out the post-links below, I recommend reading further.  To look more closely is to see more clearly.

Beneath the writer’s name, blog title and post title, I’ve provided a brief and hopefully representative pullquote sample.  Enjoy.

* Jen at Blag Hag Q&A – Atheism & Sex

The vast majority of the weird social rules about sex are based on religion, superstition, misconception, or bad science.

* PhillyChief at You Made Me Say It Closed-minded?

Patron: You’re being completely closed-minded to the possibility that I am 21.

Clerk: Oh no, I’m completely willing to entertain that possibility, but I can’t accept it unless I have a good reason, and you haven’t offered one.

* Christopher at Experiment: Gerbus About Helping Others, and Ourselves

Aid passed from one being to another is a beautiful and productive phenomenon.

* Paul at DC Secularism Examiner Southern Christian Leadership Conference: Some people are more equal than others

So far, the mission statement only supports the reasoning that they should be in favor of marriage equality, particularly since it believes that we must find the “strength to love.”

* Rick at  Towards a Rational America and an Enlightened Judaism The Irrationality of Prayer—Pascal’s Wager Revisited

We cannot control the random events that happen to us during the course of our lives such as illness or other misfortunes, but we can control our responses to them.

* Brent at Fish Tells Scooby Doo and the Holy Ghost

The ability to stir emotions does not convert fiction to fact.

* VJACK at Atheist Revolution Risk Aversion as an Obstacle to Atheist Equality

By refusing to speak out in defense of our fellow atheists, we make sure that atheist equality will remain a pipe dream.

* Mandi at free to be me New Things

Life is a product of our choices.

* Andrew (me) at Florida Freethinkers Starry Night: My Thoughts on Death

On the verge of the big good-bye, while other people can think “Jesus is waiting” (with open arms rather than a dope slap), what will I do?

* Adam at Daylight Atheism Dignity in Dying: An Atheist’s View

Voluntarily laying down your own life is the ultimate choice of a free individual, the ultimate affirmation that our lives are our own and we may direct them as we wish.

That concludes this edition of the Humanist Symposium.

The 41st edition of the Humanist Symposium will be at Greta Christina’s Blog on August 16th.


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    helping others…

    Good article but I m not sure I agree with all of it….

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