Sep 27 2009

RP) Your Brain is Part Sponge

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recycle-2(recycled post from 8/24/08 – I’m in travel mode)

The believers in Intelligent Design better be closing their eyes. More and more research is being conducted that supports evolutionary theory to the very fringe of the shadow of a doubt.

No such thing as “half an eye”? Well, actually there is. Thanks to recent advances in molecular biology, scientists are discovering the precursors to a whole host of organs and tissues. Take the nerve cell. In a recent news release over at ScienceDaily, Tracing Origins Of Critical Step In Animal Evolution: The Development Of Nerves, we learn that researchers have

traced the evolution of the nerve cell by looking for pre-cursors in, of all places, the marine sponge.

Somewhat ironically,

“Sponges have one of the most ancient lineages and don’t have nerve cells,” Professor Degnan said.

What they found in sponges was the “building blocks for nerves.” How did they know? They TESTED it.

“But what was really cool is we took some of these genes and expressed them in frog and flies and the sponge gene became functional – the sponge gene directed the formation of nerves in these more complex animals.”

I once heard an anti-evolutionist sputter in a debate something about it being irrational to believe that “the human being is related to a carrot.” Poor guy, the sponge in his brain was all wet. Evolution is irrational only to the uninformed.

Either that or Gawd surely works in convoluted ways.

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