Sep 28 2009

You Are What You Blog

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It is established science fiction that “you are what you eat.” (Yesterday I was a whole lot of tortilla and green chile. What will I be today?)

Would the saying, “you are what you blog” be any more true? If it is, I guess that would make me an atheistic, scientifically-minded, philosophizing, humanistic liberal. Or something. What about you?

If you care to be more of any of the following, follow the link:

Humanistic (Humanist Symposium #43).

Philosophical (Philosophers’ Blog Carnival).

Liberal (Carnival of the Liberals #97).

Enjoy! I will. Because that’s who I am. (Maybe.)

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  1. Camels With Hammerson 28 Sep 2009 at 7:27 pm

    Thanks for the link and for the memorable submission!

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