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Mar 02 2010

Penetrating Nature


Imaginary, stupid poll: Do you like nature?

Imaginary results: Yes – 99%.

No – 1% (It contains snakes!)

2nd imaginary poll: Do like to learn about nature?

Imaginary results: Yes – 70% (particularly if I can by watching television)

No – 30% (Learning? That requires effort!)

3rd Imaginary poll: If science were described as a careful way to learn about nature, would you say science is a good thing?

Imaginary results: Yes – 50%

No – 50% (Science? Science is always bad because the people I know pronounce the word as if a snake were hissing.)

Keep science from becoming a bad word! Be sure to smile whenever you say it! Why? Because polls of your average American numbskull are important!

On a serious note, if you enjoy learning about nature, I suggest checking out these two excellent blog carnivals, recently posted:

Scientia Pro Publica 22

Carnival of Evolution #21: The Superstar Edition

To science! Seriously.

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Feb 26 2010

Looking Farther: Any Providence on the Horizon?

launch vernacotola900

Beautiful. The launch of a spacecraft over water. [photo thanks to NASA]

The root of providence is to provide. The term is a favorite among religious folk. Providence is what their god does. Provide. Their everything.

What does the space program provide? Knowledge, for sure. Technological advances that improve our limited days, yes. Ever-lasting life? No. Transportation to a supernatural realm? Naw. Some argue that space travel may one day be our ticket “out of here.” And by that they mean to another hospitable planet. This one may not remain hospitable. Not forever it won’t.

When is providing knowledge not enough? I guess the cost must be considered.

Care to explore new realms of thought and perhaps gain some knowledge at very little cost (some effort, some time, no exchange of cash)? I recommend checking out the 131st Skeptics’ Circle posted yesterday over at . . . Providentia.

I’m going to blast that way later on today.

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Feb 22 2010

Quick Hits: Vacationing and the Newest Humanist Symposium

Gee, maybe the cliché is wrong. Perhaps you’ve heard it: It’s not the destination, but the journey.

New research suggests that at least when it comes to vacations, the statement ought to be revised this way: It’s not the destination, but having one and planning for it.

A study published in the online in journal, Applied Research in Quality of Life, shared this finding:

[V]acationers tend to be happier than non-vacationers in the lead up to their break, but once they are back, there is very little difference between the two groups’ levels of happiness. [source]

Happy anticipation. A sweet emotion.

And speaking of anticipation (what a lame segue!), I anticipate heading over to the Gaytheists later today to check out this post: Humanist Symposium: A Delightfully Gay Edition.

What will I find there? I don’t know about the destination, yet, but my journey over will bring me some sweet anticipation.

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Feb 17 2010

Good Writing Plus

honor societies

xkcd is my current favorite comic. The writing is great, and the stick figures, somewhat surprisingly, are a definite plus. And the topics: fantastically suited to those at the area of the intellectual bell curve not customarily catered to. Science, philosophy, meta-cognition of human social and emotional quirks . . . .

Later today I’m going to be clicking over to the most recent version of the blog carnival, Scientia Pro Publica. Number 21, Darwin’s 201st Birthday Edition, has been posted. Will this carnival become my current favorite? It could. I love the idea behind it. And it certainly has potential. What I hope to find is an abundance of is smart writing on truly educational topics.

No, no NASCAR, no celebrity gossip.

Was that elitist of me? Frankly, I don’t give a damn. Our culture puts such things as athletic ability on a pedestal, but intellectual ability, well, don’t flaunt that. It’s in poor taste.

This is getting close to a rant, so I better put the brakes on . . .

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Feb 02 2010

Bee Impulsive


Scientia Pro Publica Blog Carnival #20 has been posted. It might be worth sniffing. Or reading.

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Feb 01 2010

Hearts Attached to Heads Screwed On Tightly

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Humanism: heart-talk for heads screwed on more tightly? Desires for humanity based not upon delusions of supernatural mandate, but more down-to-earth concerns?

You be the judge. Check out a few varieties of humanism at the latest blog carnival dedicated to it — Beating Hearts: The Humanist Symposium.

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Jan 29 2010

Check It Out

Don’t mean to be pushy, but the 129th Skeptics’ Circle is out over at the SkepVet blog. You might want to check it out. But no pressure.


But only if you want to.

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Jan 21 2010

Image and Message Mismatch


SkeptVet will be hosting the next Skeptics’ Circle. If you blog and have posts to submit, please do. Head on over to The SkeptVet Blog.

As for the “meaning” of the above photo? Your interpretation is as good as mine. Of course, those interpretations exist not in the photo, but in our minds. Art truly is subjective.

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Jan 19 2010

A Carnival of Carnivals

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Step right up! See the bearded blogger. Ride the post of death! Snack on buttered kernels of thought.

Skeptics Circle #128

Carnival of the Godless #133

Scientia Pro Publica: The Blogodiversity Edition


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Jan 13 2010

Looking Farther: We Are Not Alone

NGC2442pugh c800

Don’t tell anyone, but Earth, our very own uniplex habitat, is at this very moment being explored by semi-alien life forms.

Oh, sure, the life forms look familiar. But don’t let that fool you. Though they walk and talk among us, they have minds different from our own!

Wait a minute. What about you . . . . Are you an alien? Would I recognize as familiar the contents of your mind and the full spectrum of your habits?

Although we are both human, and thus have a degree of shared humanity — what about that unshared part? Should I fear it and declare it alien?

Maybe it would be better to educate myself by learning about you and others. Better for me. And the world.

On that theme, I recommend checking out the Humanist Symposium #48: A Winter Wonderland. Perhaps I will meet you there. Don’t be put off by my strange ways, however. I’m pretty much just like you. But different.

[photo thanks to NASA]

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