How to cure mouth ulcer permanently?

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Mouth Ulcers, also known as Canker sores are generally tiny, extremely painful sores to bare that can become a major reason causing stress. This tiny lesion has the ability to make your life difficult to a great extent because of which you cannot drink, eat or even brush your teeth without baring the pain. Mouth ulcers can be of different sizes based on the type of the ulcer that your suffering. These are extremely uncomfortable to deal with. It can appear at any part of the mouth including tongue, gums, cheeks, top and bottom of your mouth. Mouth Ulcers are mainly of 3 types; Major ulcers, Minor ulcers and Herpetiform Ulcers. Have a look below to know more regarding the symptoms, causes and how to cure mouth ulcer permanently

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 Symptoms for Mouth Ulcers

Popping up of sores around or in the mouth, skin swelling around the sores, difficulty in chewing or brushing teeth, loss of hungriness and taste, sore burn while eating spicy or salty food.

The actual reason depends on the type of ulcer you are suffering from but the above mentioned are the most basic symptoms of mouth ulcers.

Causes for mouth ulcers

Unintentional biting of lips or the inner area of the cheeks, burn caused by eating hot food, side effects of the medications, rashes within the mouth, infections, bad oral hygiene, stress, hormonal changes, constant rubbing against the braces, injury while brushing.

How to cure mouth ulcer permanently?

Honey, it has the properties to fight against bacteria’s that causes ulcers so apply it on the affected area and rub softly. To get instant relief and healing, apply coconut oil all around inside of the mouth. Eating Tulsi leaves every day or drinking aloe vera juice can keep the ulcers away from you permanently. Maintain a healthy and balanced food diet, be gentle while brushing your teeth, drink plenty of water, maintain good oral hygiene, use an anti-alcohol mouthwash.

Generally, ulcers take a week to get cured but if it is taking longer duration then do consult a doctor as it might even be a symptom of a major disease that you would suffer from later on.

Hope this blog has helped you to know more about ulcers and its cure. To know more, stay connected to us. Thank you for reading.

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