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1. There are no quick fixes, shortcuts or magic pills when it comes to weight loss, health or fitness

Sorry to burst your bubble right off the bat, but it’s true. You can certainly speed up the process, avoid mistakes and maximise your efforts with tried-and-tested methods, but the key words here are your efforts. Working hard and being disciplined is a prerequisite. The trick is knowing and putting into practice the advice and methods that are more effective than others, so you’re able to maximise your time.
There are no hacks, fads or tricks – just old-fashioned hard work

2. The scales aren’t a good way to track fat loss

Unless you have over 10-15kg to lose, the scales aren’t going to give you a great deal of useful feedback. The issue with scale weight is it doesn’t distinguish between muscle and fat, and most people know by now that increasing muscle will help you lose body fat and make you look better. Losing muscle is bad, increasing muscle is good, but the scales won’t tell you that!

3. Soreness is OK, but it’s not a marker of a good workout

Just because you aren’t sore the next day, don’t think that you didn’t train effectively. Some people tend to get quite sore and some don’t, it’s quite an individual thing based on your body’s own inflammatory response to training.
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4. Stacking fitness on top of dysfunction will only lead to injury or plateau

This fact is greatly overlooked in much of the fitness industry. While movement quality and training technique isn’t ‘the sexy stuff’ which is going to motivate you and make for an inspirational marketing campaign, it’s often the difference between progress and results, or spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. Even worse, training with poor technique can lead to acute or long-term chronic injury.

5. Attitude is the number-one thing when it comes to your results

If you have a positive, can-do attitude with a genuine desire to improve and progress – you will get results. A bad attitude will hold you back significantly. There’s a direct correlation between attitude and success, regardless of genetics and natural abilities.

6. Don’t buy into the idea that just getting older will lead to a decline in your physical performance

None of us are going to live forever, but the more time you spend keeping unhealthy habits, the worse you’ll get over time. The cause isn’t your age, but the amount of time spent living a lifestyle which is detrimental to your body.
Is smoking for 10 years worse than smoking for five years? Is banging your head against a brick wall for 10 minutes worse for you than doing it for five minutes? Of course the answer is yes, and it has nothing to do with being older.

7. Exercise is just like brushing your teeth

No one gets excited about brushing their teeth, but you know it needs to be done, and you just do it. And you wouldn’t clean your teeth five times one week and only once the next. By the same token, exercise shouldn’t happen in just eight-week or 12-week blocks, it should be a normal part of your routine.

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