Natural Deodorant Roundup & Review

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The best natural deodorant exists and I think I’ve found it! Here’s the deal: I’ve been using Schmidt’s Deodorant for a few years and have really loved it, as has my husband. So you can understand my disappointment when recently it stopped working for me. I notice it doesn’t work against odors anymore (could be breastfeeding too– I know your chemistry changes due to hormones) and it was leaving behind a LOT of residue on my skin and clothes. Plus, I noticed some irritation even with the sensitive formula. I started doing some research about other brands and you all gave me so many tips on which ones to try! I ordered a bunch and took them all for a test drive so you don’t have to 😉 Here’s my experience with each and everything you’d wanna know. Quick notes:– I’m not a big sweater but feeling overly wet armpits drives me insane– I’m always super conscious about body odor, so that’s my #1 req for deo– I’m breastfeeding so I’m being particular with ingredients– I’m rating from 1-5 stars ⭐– None of these were gifted or sponsored In order of WORST to BEST, here goes… Lume Deodorant Lavender SagePrice: $16 for 2.2ozScent: like you just spent the weekend at Burning Man in a lavender flower crownEffectiveness: ⭐ I passionately disliked this and it’s the most expensive one I bought! There’s also tons of seemingly unnecessary plastic in the packaging. The container is wrapped in plastic paper that you peel off in tiny shreds because it’s impossible to remove. Once you remove that, there’s a suuuuper strong sticker over the “stick” of the deodorant because turns out, it’s not a stick but a paste. You turn the wheel at the bottom to squeeze the paste out of three holes in the top. It’s goopy and thick and altogether unpleasant to apply. It also didn’t work very well for me. It didn’t control moisture or odors. It says for armpits and private parts but I didn’t venture anywhere outside my armpits with this, haha. And get this: someone from the Bad Yogi community had this and messaged Lume about it not working for her. They told her she had to treat her clothing with special laundry detergent so it wouldn’t transfer. HARD NO from me. Then there’s the scent which was a little nauseating to me. It kind of reminded me of BO right out of the container but with a tinge of lavender. So I guess if you want to smell like a hippie, this is an obvious choice! Smarty Pits Coconut MangoPrice: $13 for 2.9ozScent: I found this too sweet, but it’s not badEffectiveness: ⭐⭐⭐ Honestly, this one worked pretty well, but the scent bothered me! I don’t know why I disliked it so much, but I really did. Since it worked decently well, I think I’d give it another try in a different scent, but the others still win out for me. It’s a solid stick though a liiiiittle pasty. Cons: I noticed more moisture using this one than the others and like I over-emphasized already, the scent was too sweet. It’s also a little more expensive compared to my favorites, so I’d still reach for those first if given the choice. Schmidt’s Sensitive Skin Coconut PineapplePrice: $9 for 2.6ozScent: SO GOOD. one of my favorites!Effectiveness: ⭐⭐⭐ Like I said, I was happy with this for the past few years until it just stopped working for me! I personally loved the sensitive skin formulas and this is my favorite scent. It’s a solid stick deodorant and the sensitive formula is smooth when you apply it which is rare with a lot of natural stick deodorants. I never had an issue until recently with irritation, and even though it suddenly stopped working, I still think it’s a good quality natural deodorant. So I’d still recommend! Kopari Fragrance Free for Sensitive SkinPrice: $14 for 2 ozScent: vaguely of coconut but mostly unscentedEffectiveness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I typically hate rollerball deodorants, but actually ended up loving this one. I was also skeptical about getting the unscented, but it was amazing. Don’t judge me, but the first day I used it I taught powerful classes in it and went about my day. I forgot to shower until the next morning and had zero stinkyness. I applied twice in the day (I often do this). It goes on wet but dries insanely fast and didn’t leave any residue on my clothes or skin. I have sensitive skin too and this didn’t burn or irritate me. Cons: Pricey AND it has propylene glycol! I didn’t realize this until after I bought it which made me give them the side eye for marketing themselves as a healthy deodorant. This is one of the ingredients we should avoid so I was super disappointed to see it in there! I found this article which was a good read and they said: “The petroleum-based ingredient propylene glycol is present in many antiperspirants and deodorants. It’s the ingredient that gives deodorant a slick consistency so we can slather it on our skin. Bad news is that in large quantities it can do damage to the central nervous system, the heart and the liver. To be fair, this is like saying that broccoli in large doses is lethal, but no one would ever eat that much anyway, so it’s a moot point. The amount of propylene glycol used in the average stick of deodorant is probably completely safe, but it’s worth mentioning.” So take that for whatever it’s worth! Native Deodorant in Coconut VanillaPrice: $12 for 2.65ozScent: this smells sooo good! the perfect balance of coconut so it’s a little beachy but not overly sweetEffectiveness: ⭐⭐⭐⭐This worked fantastic but I’m giving this 4/5 stars because it irritated my skin just a bit, especially if applied too close to shaving. However, I really liked how clean and simple the ingredients are and the very cool bonus of including a probiotic which is all the rage for skin […]

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